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RE: 24 or 30 fps ?

===== Original Message from telecine  at  alegria.com at 11/11/98 5:34 pm
>Hi, I would like to know if commercials in the US are shot 24 or 30
>fps. I thought 30 fps was the logical way: one film frame for one video
>frame, apparently it is not always the case. I was told today that some
>films are shot 24fps to save on footage and if there is some post then
>they get rid of the 3/2 pull down, composite the scene, and put the 3/2
>back. Is it common practice? Does this make sense ? I would appreciate
>your comments.

This is very common practice. Almost all of the commercial work that we do 
(being about 90% of or work) is shot at 24fps. All compositing is done with 
Inferno or Fire where the operator has the ability to remove the 3/2, do the 
effects work, and add the 3/2 sequence back into the scene. Now and again we 
will see a spot come in that was shot at 30fps, but this is definitely not 
the norm. We are all very interested to see a 1080P/24fps recording medium 
that is reported to be shown at NAB this coming year for this very reason.

Steven Flippin
Chief Engineer
Crash & Sue's Film\Video Post
Minneapolis, MN

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