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Matchback Software Question

  I was wondering if anyone knows of some available software that 
will allow you to match back keykode to time code when re-transfering 
a roll of cut down negative?   Right now we transfer each negative 
roll and make flex files. We then input the material into an Avid 
with film composer and do the edit and get an EDL based on the 
keykode list.  Then we have the film cut flash to flash and 
re-transfer it with a new flex file.  This we put back into the Avid 
and using media match we are able to get the new timecode that 
matches back to the keykode number.  We are wondering if there is 
software that can take the two lists and create a new timecode EDL 
based on the keykode list we get when we re-transfer the cut down 
rolls without having to do all the importing and matching in the 
Avid?  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might know if 
this exists and please email, call, or fax the information to me. 
  Thank You,
 Yours Truly,
David Warner  
Filmgroup at Crawford Communications
tel  404-875-5403  fax 404-875-4908
dnwarner at crawford.com

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