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Re: 24 or 30 fps ?

In a message dated 98-11-11 22:12:25 EST, rob at alegria.com writes:

<< We've debated several times the merits of 24 vs. 30 for various
 viewing scenaria-- personally, I prefer 24 for theatrical showing >>

I don't believe many people have had the opportunity to view
30fps theatrical projection, since the modifications required
to the projectors are not widely available. I did attend a seminar
in NYC at the Ziegfeld Theater presented by Doug Trumbull,
where he demonstrated, side by side, the exact same scenes
shot at 24 vs 30 fps, and projected in their native frame rates.

The 30 fps was the clear winner, with reduced strobing, flicker,
and a much brighter image. The benefits were apparent in still
scenes, but much more noticable any time the camera moved.
At the time, Trumbull was developing Showscan, a process that
shoots/projects at 60fps using a 65mm vertical format negative.
He presented a theory that the vastly increased image information
available to the viewer would create an almost lifelike reality, and
when I finally saw it a year later, the effect was spectacular.

Trumbull was a proponent at the time of trying to change the
world theatrical standard to 30fps, but the reality of increased
film budgets and worldwide hardware retooling, for what most
viewers would see as a modest gain, spelled doom for the
proposal. This was in 1978.

Now, we're seeing a similar debate in the video world with HDTV.
I viewed the Glenn shuttle launch in HDTV and was quite impressed
with the clarity, especially in the wide shots. Equally clear were all
of the wrinkles on the female broadcaster's face. I did walk away
from the broadcast realizing that 35mm film projection, regardless
of frame rate, is still a superior medium.

Back in the NTSC world, I've always preferred the look of 30fps film
origination transferred to video, for all of the same reasons Trumbull
presented 20 years ago. Pulldown has it's own way of distorting
reality, not to mention film matchback lists. Who needs it?

Basil Pappas

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