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Re: 24 or 30 fps ?

On Nov 12, 20:02, Basil96009 at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] 24 or 30 fps ?

> The 30fps projected images I saw WERE story telling scenes
> from a feature film. I am interested in the basis of your observation.
> Where were you able to compare dramatic film shot and projected
> at the the 2 different frame rates? Was it 35mm? Why does 24fps
> become preferrable simply because the subject is dramatic nonfiction?

make that 'dramatic fiction', if I wasn't clear about it.

I've spent some time comparing film shot at 30 vs. 24, projected,
transferred, etc.  ..well, I guess about 22 years now anyway.

It is something like the use of certain artistic filters on the camera
lens: hard to justify on a news film, but can be quite wonderful on a
feature.  I've worked on Showscan in telecine doing frame-per-field
transfer, and it can look amazing, temporally, but I don't like it for
dramatic film, nor even do I like the 'immediate' look of 30 (vs 24), as
it is that much closer to video.   This is my opinion, and I think you
feel differently.


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