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Re: 24 or 30 fps ?

In a message dated 98-11-12 20:26:11 EST, rob at alegria.com writes:

<< I've spent some time comparing film shot at 30 vs. 24, projected,
 transferred, etc.  ..well, I guess about 22 years now anyway. >>

I respect your body of experience in the video world,
however the context of the comparison is strictly projected
film, where there is no pulldown in either scenario. This
is quite different than viewing comparisons made in telecine.

It is here that I believe very few of us have ever had the opportunity
of comparing film shot and *projected* in these 24/30 native rates.
When we look at images that are 40 feet by 60 feet, the undesirable
qualities of strobing and flicker take on a much different look than
those same images do on a 20 inch diagonal screen. This was the
case Trumbull was making for changing the world standard, and I
don't believe the same comparisons or conclusions can be derived
from telecine viewing. His case was a strong one, when viewed on
the big screen.

Basil Pappas

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