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Re: 24 or 30 fps ?

On Nov 12, 21:02, Basil96009 at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] 24 or 30 fps ?

> of comparing film shot and *projected* in these 24/30 native rates.
> When we look at images that are 40 feet by 60 feet, the undesirable

Though I can't say I've seen the sort of side-by-side --or one after
the other-- demonstrations you mention, I've seen 35mm 30 fps prints
projected, and have to say I still prefer 24, for aesthetic reasons,
on films of dramatic subjects.  I'm not particularly fond of 2:3
pulldown, per se-- just the slower framerate.  Perhaps I should attend
a demonstration such as you have... I'm sure strobing and flicker are
reduced, and the demo is most likely weighted toward showing the
advantages of 30 in bright scenes, and faster panning shots.. but I've
preferred a framerate of 24 fps over 30 certainly for reasons other
than its propensities for strobe and flicker.


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