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Re: News from the front...

bill topazio wrote:

> Tomorrow, Friday The 13th, will be Dave Corbitt's last day at Manhattan
> Transfer.  After many years of fateful (er, faithful) service, Dave is
> moving on to join those crazy Brits at Innovation TK.

I think it's only appropropriate that Dave be aware of the vast number of
differences in the use of the English language amongst our British friends.

Dave, I hope you find this conversion table of commonly used expressions
helpful in your new position with the Brits at Innovation TK.  I'm sure it
should clear up any confusions. :>)

1. (British expression)      - I'm going on Holiday.
     (American translation) - I'm going on Vacation.

2. (British expression)     - Spot of tea?
    (American translation) - Iced tea or Diet Coke?

3. (British expression)     - A fortnight
    (American translation) - two weeks

4. (British expression)     - two weeks
    (American translation) - six months, possibly longer.

5. (American expression) - Well, I guess so…
    (British translation)      - That does sound logical.

6. (British expression)     - As well
    (American translation) - Also

7. (British expression)     - Whatcha fancy?
    (American translation) - What would you like?

8. (British expression)     - Let's have an old chin wag?
    (American translation) - Let's have a meeting?

9. (American expression) - Let's do lunch…
    (British translation)      - Care for some lunch?

10. (British expression)    - Right…
     (American translation) - OK…

11. (British expression)    - What's all this then?
     (American translation) - What the ____ is this?

12. (British expression)    - Cheers…
     (American translation) - Later….

13. (British translation)     - Bloody Hell!
     (American expression) - Oh S_ _t!

14. (British expression)     - At the end of the day,…
     (American translation)  - Eventually

15. (American expression) - At the end of the day
     (British translation)       - 4 PM

16. (British expression)    - You Baw'stard…
     (American translation) - You son of a gun.

17. (British expression)    - Are you out of your Bloody mind?
     (American translation) - Are you sure?

18. (British expression)    - I've never heard of that before.
     (American translation) - Oh that…

19. (British expression)    - Piss off!!
     (American translation) - Please,.. not now.

20. (British expression)    - I'm pissed.
     (American translation) - Pour me another, this stuff's great.

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