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Re: Matchback Software Question

David Warner wrote:

>I was wondering .......software available .....match back keykode to time
>when re-transfering  a roll of cut down negative.............

Reflecting on this reveals some sizable gaps in the internal neural matrix
this is what I recall.

OsCAR (Undoubtedly SIC):Very robust software developed by a Canadian
company that is no longer in business (I think).  This was about 15K in
Included a bench reader that allowed your neg conformer to generate
data files and even create EDL's based on T.C. assigned to the cut neg
prior to re-transfer.   This may still be in use at  some facilities.

Skycode: Software developed in house at Skyview in Chicago.  At one
point there was discussion about selling this to other post facilities.

Editel Chicago also had an in house version.

I know there is matchback software called Excaliber but don't
know the costs or how effective it is.

Aaton has software that works for 30fps NTSC transfers
but does not currently support 24fps transfers.

I would be interested in knowing what systems are currently
being used or hearing from someone with a better memory.

Ted Brady
Match Frame
Austin, Texas

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