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24 or 30FPS

On Nov 15,  6:06pm, JC Soret wrote:
> Subject: Re: [TIG] 24 or 30 fps ?
> Many thanks to all for your responses, it seems that the reason films
> are shot 24fps is purely aesthetic, not for saving footage as I was
> told and 3/2 pull down is not so much a problem in post. Once again the
> TIG is an unvaluable source of info, thanks Rob.

	Sorry I haven't had time to chime in earlier - however, I've been a
little surprised that no one has mentioned the differences in look between 24
and 30fps due to scanning differences. Particularly with older machines
(MkIII's) there was a significant difference - in 24 you are using a much
larger portion of the crt face for the scan patch while in 30 most of the
vertical deflection came from the motion of the film through the gate. This led
to a scan patch that was only a few lines high and often a visible veiling or
waterfall effect as slow scan moved the patch. The problem has been minimized
with such advances as Dave Corbitt's afterglow mod on burn correction  and the
Ursa scanning has removed most concerns.
	Much of the effects work we do is still shot at 24, the compositing
artists then cinecompress (remove pulldown to convert from 30 to 24fps) and
process the 24fps material at a significant reduction in render time. It's a
simple conversion from 24 to 30 fps to output or to combine with other 30fps

Rich Torpey

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