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matchback answer (evertz)

--- Forwarded mail from Evertz Telecine Support Group <evfilm at evertz.com>

>  I was wondering if anyone knows of some available software that 
> will allow you to match back keykode to time code when re-transferring 
> a roll of cut down negative?   

Evertz has KeyPost software which will take the EDL from the AVID, and
the two sets of Key-Log or FLEx files from the transfers to generate
the online EDL.

The process is as follows:

Transfer the film and generate a Key-Log or FLEx file.  Cut on the
AVID and make an EDL.  The AVID will give you a Flash to flash list,
or you can take the transfer files and the EDL to KeyPost which will
give you a flash to flash list.

Re transfer the film making a new Key-Log or FLEx list.  Import the
new transfer files into KeyPost.  KeyPost will make an on-line EDL
from the original EDL, but substituting the new transfer time codes.

I am an employee of Evertz, and this posting is not intended to
violate Rob's rules for advertising on the TIG but is provided as a
direct response to questions posted to the TIG.  For more detailed
information contact me privately at alan at evertz.com.

Alan Lambshead, P. Eng.
V.P. Engineering
Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
Email: alan at evertz.com
Web: http://www.evertz.com

--- End of forwarded message from Evertz Telecine Support Group <evfilm at evertz.com>

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