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Re: 24P/1080i

Marc Shipman-Mueller wrote:

> >(wish I could be at the LA SMPTE
> >meeting tonight that demonstrates 24P/1080i.)
> Can any of the folks who went to that meeting give us a report?

Sorry this is so late.

On November 11 at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles the Hollywood Section
held its meeting where the topic was 24 Frame Video Technology. The
Speakers were Larry Thorpe from Sony Electronics and Dave Wiswell from
Panasonic Broadcast. There was standing room only in the Theater. A
brief demonstration of HD 1920x 1080i video ( not 24 Frame) was shown.
It was a clip from  Chicago Hope that aired last night that was shot
with Sony HD CAM. After that Larry Thorpe outlined the differences of
horizontal and vertical resolutions between SD (720x483) and HD
(1920x1080). He also discussed the advantages of progressive scan and
the ability to format convert from 1920x1080 24p to :1920x1080 50i,
1920x1080 60i, 1280x720 60p, and all SD formats.  He announced that Sony
has plans to demonstrate at NAB a 1920x1080 24p system. Sony is also
working on a 24F HD camera. All of this technology is based upon their
HD-CAM line. After Larry, Dave Wiswell spoke about the same advantages
that Larry spoke about and discussed Panasonic's Universal Format
Converter. This unit is designed to down convert and up convert most of
the ATSC infamous Table 3 formats. He announced that they have been
demonstrating this unit for some time now at the trade shows and that a
production model should be available soon. After both speakers concluded
questions were asked from the floor.

I hope this is what you were looking for. As a side note there is a
SMPTE subcommittee that is working on three recommended practices for 24
frame progressive production/post production. You can visit
http://www.dvcc.com/M21.04/ to review the progress of these documents.

Howard Lukk

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