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Re: Awards for colorists ?

JC Soret wonders:

>I would like to know if there is any kind of Colorist or Telecine Award
>in the US, it apparently does not exist here in the UK...

     Well, there are the Monitor awards, but they really don't cover
everyone - you have to formally submit your work with a fairly hefty fee, so
that makes them somewhat private.  But they do have a colorist award.
     I think it's difficult to have a "best colorist" award anyway.  There
are so many factors that don't show up on the transfer, perhaps the greatest
being the relationship of the colorist to the client.  How can a judge
factor in how well a colorist realizes a client's concept?
     Also, there is the photography to consider.  It's an old adage in this
business: if it looks great, the DP did a great job.  If it looks lousy, the
colorist screwed up!
     I don't know if you get the Simpsons over in Europe, but I remember one
episode several years ago where Sideshow Bob was hosting an awards ceremony.
He was blatantly despising the event, and sarcastically announced: "Now
here's something _really_ interesting - the award for best film to tape
transfer..."  I fell out of my chair laughing! (I was probably the only
     I guess the best award a colorist can have is repeat business from a
loyal client base.

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer

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