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Re: Awards for colorists ?

In a message dated 11/19/98 8:00:29 PM Pacific Standard Time,
rlovejoy at bellatlantic.net writes:

<< Well, there are the Monitor awards, but they really don't cover
 everyone -  >>

Actually, they do. The International Monitor Awards are sponsored by the
International Teleproduction Society(ITS) and are open to anyone in the world
who cares to submit an entry, with the hefty fee, of course. About $150 US I
think, less if the submitting person or facility is a member of ITS. For
colorists, there are a number of separate craft areas awarded, such as
commercials, music videos, and some long form formats. I believe that they may
be currently accepting entries for next year's awards, or will be soon.
Contact the ITS for more information.

David Bernstein
Senior Colorist
Universal HDTC

Thanks to Tim Bond and Lorne Miess for support in 1998.
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