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plea from Spain

If anyone can help Javier, please direct a response to the
address/phone/email below, thank you.

--- Forwarded mail from "Manuel Rodriguez Garcia" <mrodriguez at imagenline.es>

From: "Manuel Rodriguez Garcia" <mrodriguez at imagenline.es>
To: <rob at sun.alegria.com>
Subject: some info
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 13:06:53 +0100

My name is Javier and I red your message on Internet. I have a
problem with my Telecine and may be you could help me to solve it. We
have an instalation with Telecine Quadra Vision (BTS) ,Pogle+DCP with
Mask (Pandora) and VS4 Swetener (BTS).

We have many crashes with this configuration when we touch any bottom
of the control pannel of DCP. In the Display of Pogle I look many

We think that it could be a communication problem, between the
differents machines, (the Telecine and the color corrector).

We are trying solving the problem from the month of july '98, speaking
with the team of Pandora and Philips and also changing the hard disk
and all the components of the Pogle, and some electronical boards of
the Telecine.

I would like to know if somebody have the same configuration as we
have, and if they have the same problems.

Probably you have worked with this machine or know someone that works 
with this machine and can help me to solve the problem.

Thank you very much.
       Javier Sanchez
       Imagen Line
       c/Bendicion de Campos 10
       28036 Madrid
       Tel. 91.353.26.00
       Fax 91.359.13.06

Thanks to Tim Bond and Lorne Miess for support in 1998.
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