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Re: plea from Spain


I would check that your "M" key is not stuck in the down position or even
faulty. It sounds simple, but sometimes happens.

If you have been changing out boards, then I would assume that you might
have already covered this, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

The Pogle is a cool piece of equipment, and I have rarely seen problems
with them, which can be a dilemma when things do go wrong, as I forget how
it works!

Good luck finding the problem.


Digital Voodoo

>My name is Javier and I red your message on Internet. I have a
>problem with my Telecine and may be you could help me to solve it. We
>have an instalation with Telecine Quadra Vision (BTS) ,Pogle+DCP with
>Mask (Pandora) and VS4 Swetener (BTS).
>We have many crashes with this configuration when we touch any bottom
>of the control pannel of DCP. In the Display of Pogle I look many
>We think that it .............. etc etc.

Digital Voodoo.

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