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Awards for Colorists? We got 'em...

Several questions concerning the Monitor Awards and the awards'
applicability to the colorist profession have been raised. Here are some of
the answers...

The Monitor Awards are headquartered in the US; however, the competition is
international and represented in 14 countries.  The 7 categories open for
colorists are Film Originated Television Series, Film Originated Television
Specials, Local
Commercials and PSA's, Documentaries, Theatrical Releases, Music Videos, and
National Commercials and PSA's.  (1998 winners included:   Best Color
Correction for Film Originated TV Series: Scott Gregory, David E. Kelley
Productions for
Chicago Hope, "Brain Salad Surgery" and for Film Originated TV Specials:
Alan Rogers, HBO Studio Productions "Miss Evers' Boys".)

As for those "hefty" entry fees, they have been reduced for the 1999
competition.  The non-members fees are as follows:  $150 per entry before
December 18 (as opposed to $165 last year) and $180 after 12/18 (as opposed
to $200 last year.)  The ITS member rates are $110 before 12/18 ($135 last
year) and $140 after 12/18 ($165 last year).

 Finalists and winners are honored at the gala presentation at the
Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, July 24, 1999.

We are accepting entries until January 22, 1999.  If anyone would like more
info or is interested in being a judge, please contact Jen Hartz, ITS
International Monitor Awards Manager at 703-319-0800 or jenhartz at erols.com

PS.  The Monitor Awards is a constantly evolving entity.  Any input you can
share with us is always appreciated.

Monica Mathis, ITS
Director of Conferences
mmathis at erols.com

Thanks to Tim Bond and Lorne Miess for support in 1998.
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