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Hi all,
          to continue the thread of awards...we recently won an Emmy for

sfx,(Merlin,NBC, 500 or so fx shots/3 hour 2 part movie for television
Mastergraded for days and days and days by myself), and lovely big gold
statues were sent to everyone on the team...who had been put down as a
digital effects artist only!!! So nothing for all the 3D artists or TK,
who helped to make it look all so seamless.
    As for the monitor awards I believe Pete Smith won one some years
ago for a commercial that looked very nice but had no special trickery
involved, (done in one pass, possibly pre DCP)...If I remember correctly

there is a part on the monitor awards application that allows for an
explanation of why the work being presented deserves recognition, so it
should be possible for a colourist to blow his own trumpet and
differentiate his "look" from the DP's lighting or the Henry multi layer



            (you love me, you really love me......)

Thanks to Tim Bond and Lorne Miess for support in 1998.
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