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Y Front

Subject y front

For all those who were at IBC and saw  the Y front we  at  Eyes Post Group
in Toronto we have successfully installed the worlds first ITK Y front cell
box on our Cintel ursa diamond. The installation was done by the inventor
himself  Stuart Hunt and progressed much quicker than I had expected.  The
hardest part of  the install was the removal of the  film loop guide
assembly of  which we had to drill out two mounting  screws and the
installation of new horizontally  folding doors. The old cell box was taken
out of  the  back  and the Y front was bolted on the front. There are two
mods that were made for the  Y front . First both  compliance roller
assemblies were changed to hold 4 ptr rollers each.  Second,  the condenser
lens was taken off all gates since the Y front already has one. The  first
thing that I looked at was the noise and I was hard pressed to find any,
which coming from a background dealing with mk3ís and golds is very
impressive. My only comment on this is you have to see it to believe it.
After the install comparisons were made with our other telecine which is an
ursa gold loaded with twiggy and scandal.  Both the diamond and gold were
tweaked for best performance. Both rooms have identical  Davinci  dui
systems. We were all pleased with the  picture that is produced by the new
Y front machine. The most noticable difference was the ease of setup and
colour separation at the front end. The y front has better capacity for
contrast and retains detail in both the darks and whites.  The video noise
is noticeably gone from the picture  especially in blue. Film grain also
had a more pleasing look compared to the edgy look of the old cell box.
Another  added bonus of  the Y front is the optical wet gate which does a
very good job at hiding scratches in the base or film emulsion layers. 
The Y front that we have is the prototype shown at IBC. Stuart told me that
 the  production units will have at least 8db more light at the  pickup
devices, this will even further reduce noise beyond the already impressive
low  level. 
Overall I am more than pleased with the performance of the Y front on the

Note I do not work for or have any affiliation with innovation tk ,  cintel
or davinci. 

Jerry Wowk
Chief Engineer 
Eyes Post Group
toronto , can.
voice (416) 363-3073
fax (416)363-6335
email tech at eyespost.com

Thanks to Steven Harman, Bruce Hancock for support in 1998.
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