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New Yawk, New Yawk


I just came back from my annual Xmas shopping trip in Manhattan (NYC).

While I was there, I stopped by The Tape House and spoke with my fellow
Spirit driver John Dowdell. I must tell you what a pleasure it was to spend
the day with John and the staff at TH. Not only was I treated like royalty,
but everyone went out of their way to enlighten me to the Tape House tips
and techniques of HD and Data. John was the perfect gentleman, going way
out of his way to show me the way he works and explaining why.

In this otherwise cut throat business, it was so rewarding to see
individuals who gave information graciously to a perceived competitor.
Perhaps the future of post-production will have a more human side.

A special thanks to Mark Polycon, Arthur Williams, Chuck Roback, and Ari
Klingman. You guys made a otherwise uncomfortable visit a true pleasure.

Good luck to all of us, and happy birthday Mark.


Bob Festa									   mailto:festa at pacbell.net
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Thanks to Steven Harman, Bruce Hancock for support in 1998.
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