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help to U of Wisc someone?

Could someone please help Erik, in getting someone at Cintel or
Philips to contact him as soon as possible-- see below.  And please
direct responses to gunneson at facstaff.wisc.edu, thank you.


--- Forwarded mail from Erik Gunneson <gunneson at facstaff.wisc.edu>

Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 15:53:03 -0600
From: Erik Gunneson <gunneson at facstaff.wisc.edu>
To: rob at alegria.com
Subject: The cost of a telecine

Hi Rob,

I've been trying to get info from Cintel and have had no luck with
their web site.  On the various searches that I did --the TIG came up
frequently.  I have read many of the posts and found a lot of useful
information.  Here at the the University of Wisconsin we are
interested in moving beyond our film chains to a more sophisticated
film to tape transfer.  Can you give me a sense of the cost of a
Cintel or Phillips?  Would you also give a range in price from the
more basic models to the most sophisticated.  Of course, I am under a
deadline and need a response a soon as possible.  In calls to both the
east and west coast cintel I could not speak to a sales person, so you
are my only hope.

Erik Gunneson

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