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Re: New Yawk, New Yawk

The Well-Rewarded Mr. Festa writes:

>While I was there, I stopped by The Tape House and spoke with my fellow
>Spirit driver John Dowdell. I must tell you what a pleasure it was to spend
>the day with John and the staff at TH. Not only was I treated like royalty,
>but everyone went out of their way to enlighten me to the Tape House tips
>and techniques of HD and Data.

    Just wanted to add my own two cents here; the folks over at Tape House
are indeed a collective Class Act.  When we were up a few months ago to have
a look at their fire system and its data relationship with the Spirit, John
and Company really went out of their way not only to make us feel at home
but to provide us with a ton of useful information.
     Thanks again to the folks at the Tape House and thanks to Bob Festa for
taking the time to point out their basic humanity.  They say New York can be
a cold town, but they must've been talking about  the weather!

Bob Lovejoy
winner of the 24th biweekly Paycheck Award for confusement
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