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Open Positions

Cinesite Digital Film Center is currently recruiting for an experienced video
engineer and a telecine colorist.

Qualified engineering candidates should have a minimum of 5 years post
production experience with knowledge of all digital tape formats and associated
production equipment.  Spirit telecine experience a plus.

Qualified telecine colorist should have a minimum of 5 years experience with
working knowledge of: feature mastering, commercials transfers, and dailies.
 Qualified candidate should be proficient with DaVince color correctors and
Spirit telecines.

Please fax all resume's to jennifer Baca, Human Resource Manager at

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Mark A. Girard				E-mail:  girard at cinesite.com
Manager of Technical Operations		Phone:	 213-468-4400 
Cinesite Digital Film Center		Pager:	 818-559-0911
1017 N. Las Palmas			Cell:	 213-324-2906
Hollywood, Ca.  90038			Fax:	 213-468-2180

Thanks to Steven Harman, Bruce Hancock for support in 1998.
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