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Bruce Goodman <bgoodman at editel-la.com> said on the Telecine Internet Group:

>The Simpsons was telecined at Editel last season by Larry Field. He has
>since gone to work for 4MC and I believe he is still transfering the
>animated series.
>The couple of episodes that I've seen this season have been full of the clever
>wit that the show has been known for. The only thing missing is the voice
>of Phil Hartmann.

Actually, sadly, I believe Hartman died just _after_ completing an entire
seasons' worth of voice-work for the show.  I know for sure I just saw a
new show the other night that had his unmistakeable "Troy McClure" voice in
a particular scene.

And the show does look very good, from a telecine point of view.  Very few
non-industry people understand how wacked-out TV animation can get,
particularly with retakes, varying exposures, flash-frames, and so on.
It's a helluva lotta work.

--Marc Wielage
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