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Re: Hippi into Inferno

Christophe Lorenz wrote as an answer to the message below::

>...We do not have the transfer engine and are using
>the capture mode of Inferno to record the data.  If anyone out there has
>tried the same with the same configuration, please let me know.

> ...We have tried/compared both configurations, and decided only to use the
> transfer engine.

Hi guys.

Tried the same and gave up on the direct Spirit/Inferno way. One of the
problems is that Discreet sees the Spirit as a VTR and have not though about
the fact that the DaVinci/Pandora has to be in master control. Other problems
are that the Inferno way will only work with StoneFS and has to use storage
space for raw storage before a very slow conversion to it's own format.

We use the transfer engine with the new serial Hippi interface (works a lot
better than parallel) into an Origin 2000. Now this is quite practical since
you can import into the Inferno at a convinient time. BDS on the fileserver
speeds up the process but the bottleneck is now the import module of the
Inferno (.8 sec. at 1920x1440 10bit log). Have been in touch with DL and the
import for DPX files will perhaps be speeded up in the release version of 3.0.
If other Inferno owners could request this it would help I think. JF Panisset
at DL is the right person to talk to.

BTW. From the 3.3 version of Spirit software there will be a new option that
will allow all 3 channels to be mapped with the same curve thus making it
possible to use the LUT generator of the Inferno without custom LUT's. Good
news I think.

Best regards


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