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low end help

this just in via the guestbook, a low-end telecine question.  Please
direct replies to the address in the line just below, thanks.

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HELP NEEDED WITH LOW END TRANSFERS: I bought the equipment from a
local film transfer service whose owner had died.  I can not figure
out his setup. He had 3 projectors (8, S8, 16) all shutter modified
for film.  He had a sort of copy stand with tripod head on it.  And he
had two panes of glass, a large piece of "smoked glass" you could see
through,and a second piece of glass that was reflective, sort oflike a
mirror.  If I project through the smoked glass and film from the read,
I get a dim and reversed image.  How was thie gear set up?  This is a
level far below RANK, but for some of us it is all we have.  Is there
a basic transfer site on the net?  Bruce Barrett
<bbbacres at mssl.uswest.net> - Saturday, November 28, 1998 at 19:14:17
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