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More Hippi into Inferno

  Ivor Westphahl wrote.....

> >We are at present setting up the data output from our Spirit into the
> >Inferno on an Onyx.  We do not have the transfer engine and are using
> >the capture mode of Inferno to record the data.  If anyone out there has
> >tried the same with the same configuration, please let me know.
   Here at Crawford we are using a setup pretty much like yours but 
have been at it for a while and it is working OK.   We have been 
working with both Discreet and daVinci to develop a better import 
module for the Inferno/ fire and a data transfer remote for the 
Spirit.  At this time neither of these is finished though 
improvements are being made and we are expecting new releases of 
both  in the near future.  Our Onyx II has three Stone and Wire disk 
drives and we can store about 48 minutes of HD at this time.  It does 
require two operators to work the process but hopefully we will 
have a better solution soon.  As others have mentioned,  after a 
segment is scanned into the Inferno,  the clip must be processed 
into Discreet files and put in a bin.  Usually though,  by the time 
it takes to get the next scene cued and  ready to be scanned,  the 
processing is finished and they are waiting for the frames to arrive. 
 While scanning,  the Spirit runs at 4.5 to 5 FPS and this works 
well.  We recently scanned a 15 minute show into the Inferno and it 
took five hours to get the material across.    The frames are 
timestamped as they come over.  We then import the EDL from the 
Avid offline and tell the Fire to conform the piece and it takes mere 
seconds to have a finished show with dissolves and cuts.  Of course 
if there are other effects, these must be built and added into the 
show as well.  After everything is complete,  we then output the 
spot, show, etc. to HD D5 for delivery to the client.  
  I know it might be better to have another computer to scan into and 
then move files into Fire for finish but at this time we only have 
the one Onyx II system.  Also, with this one computer method, we 
don't have the additional time of moving the files though a slow link 
from the scanning computer into the Onyx II- Inferno/Fire.  Our usual 
method is to color correct the scenes to be scanned with the clients 
during the day and then do the scanning in the evening or overnight 
after they are gone.   All in all,  we are fairly happy with how the 
system is working and it at least allows us to be able to complete 
some interesting work without having to invest in zillions of dollars 
in extra equipment.   
  If anyone has any additional questions about our Spirit/ Inferno 
and scanning methods,  please feel free to contact me at the 
numbers listed below.
  As always..I don't work for Philips, Discreet Logic, daVinci nor 
receive funding from them.  

  Yours Truly,
David Warner  
Filmgroup at Crawford Communications
tel  404-875-5403  fax 404-875-4908
dnwarner at crawford.com

Thanks to Steven Harman, Bruce Hancock for support in 1998.
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