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Re: More Hippi into Inferno

At 02:46 PM 11/30/1998 +00-05, David Warner wrote:
>...We recently scanned a 15 minute show into the Inferno and it 
>took five hours to get the material across.    The frames are 
>timestamped as they come over.  We then import the EDL from the 
>Avid offline and tell the Fire to conform the piece and it takes mere 
>seconds to have a finished show with dissolves and cuts. 


Can you clarify how your frames are time stamped in the header information
of the file format from the Spirit? What file format(s) are you using?  How
are your Spirit frames identified so as to permit a Inferno/Fire conform
without doing a layoff to 3/4" for a jiffy avid conform? 

Most important, how much are you charging for data services?

Thanks for your help,

Bob Festa									   mailto:festa at pacbell.net
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