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Re: More Hippi into Inferno

Bob Festa wrote:

> David,
> Can you clarify how your frames are time stamped in the header information
> of the file format from the Spirit? What file format(s) are you using?  How
> are your Spirit frames identified so as to permit a Inferno/Fire conform
> without doing a layoff to 3/4" for a jiffy avid conform?
> Most important, how much are you charging for data services?

Hi Bob and others interested:

Sorry to "budd in". In the DPX format the TC is imbedded in the fileheader and read by Inferno/Fire/Flame.
The EDL module recognizes this TC and "auto conforms" as if it was video. All automatic including TW's. To give
you an idea of the speed we conformed a feature with 2000 edits (200 dissolves and speed changes) in 20
minutes. No need for any layoffs.

We charge around 45.000Us$ for the transfer of 90min. material for a feature  (a cut down neg. with 20 frame
handles) plus the grading of course. Would be interesting to hear what others do.

Kris, Destiny-601

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