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More Hippi into Inferno

Date: 11/30/98 3:26 PM
From: Freese, Todd

>We are at present setting up the data output from our Spirit into the Inferno on an Onyx.

We are currently using Fire HD to receive data from our Spirit. Even though the system as a whole is not very elegant, it does work very well. 
>The direct spirit-inferno is not as fast (3 fps) and not very stable at that speed (2 fps prefered).

I can't speak for Inferno, but with Fire HD we can capture at 5fps until we run out of storage.  It did require a little work at the time to get everything working correctly. There are some IRIX patch issues if I remember. Version 2.5 of Fire works very well for capturing.

>It is also very boring for the colorist who can't see anything during/after
the transfer, but who has to set in/out 
Yes, that is a pain. A repeat keycode and repeat Fire display helps quite a bit.

>Maybe discreet will enhance their software, but for the moment it is VERY hard to play with it...

For us, we would rather see DaVinci work on getting this right. The Discreet software does exactly what it should do.. capture. We are looking forward to DaVinci developing a more elegant control interface for data transfers.

Todd Freese
Sys Admin
The Filmworkers Club - Chicago

Thanks to Kevin Ayres, Tom Montgomery for support in 1998.
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