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clarification on equipment problem (Spain)

a week or two ago, a message from mrodriguez at imagenline.es asked for
help with an engineering problem.  Some additional notes from
Mr. Garcia follow.  The original message is at


Dear Rob:

We would like to clarify some points in relation with the document
"20.11.1998 h.18.30 by Rob Lingellbach":

1o- The message that we sent wasnt a power or pressure measure, but a
help message, in which we described as well as possible our
situation. That message was written with the only purpos e of solving
the problem. We havent anything against Philips; on the contrary we
think that i ts an excellent company, with a great technical support,
both in technical quality and human presence.

2o- The complete equipment of the telecine hall is:

    - Telecine BTS Quadra Vision brand new one
    - Sweetener BTS VS4 brand new one
    - Monitor Barco brand new one
    - Keykode + Keylog Evertz brand new one
    - Dolby SR brand new one
    - Sound mixer Yamaha brand new one
    - Sound ring roads brands news ones
    - Wave form monitor brand new one 
    - Controller Pogle second-hand
    - Control pannel pogle brand new onw
    - Digital Dcp brand new one

    We have only one second-hand module.

3o- Besides our technical director, in our machine hall we have a
telecommunication engineer and an industrial engineer, specialised in
electronic and robotic. They are on the staff.

Best regards..

Javier Sa'nchez de Toro Vich

Technical director
jsdetoro at imagenline.es

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