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Spirit base memory

At 12:36 AM 12/1/1998 +0000, JC Soret wrote:
>I would like to know how you set up your base memory for Spirit. 


I'm sorry to say that this information is a telecine trade secret. It is
protected by U.S. import restrictions, and not for export under current
U.S. policy.

In fact:

Versions of Bob Festa software for sale in the U.S. and Canada have always
included strong  encryption (56-bit, 128-bit, or 168-bit) to ensure secure
communications. Telecine International Step-Up now makes 128-bit encryption
products, including Basemems, available to security banks outside the U.S.
and their international customers. In addition, Philips Basemem Mission
Control provides centrally generated public-key certificates, providing the
first widely deployable security solution for intranets and extranets... ;)

If your still interested...the keeper of the basemems is Carl Van Camp  at 
Philips. He's the one who enlightened me to the groove.

In good humor,


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