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SMPTE 24 Frame Day-Dec. 3

To All:

SMPTE on Thursday, December 3 (Tomorrow) will host an all day Meeting to
discuss the rapidly evolving standards for mastering, post production,
conversion and monitoring of 24 Frame video produced in 1080 lines in a
24 Frames Progressive Format.  This video standard is meant as a
universal standard for post production that would be standards converted
to all distribution formats.

Three Proposed Recommended Practices will be distributed and discussed.
These are:

High Definition 24 Frame Progressive Post Production MASTERING FORMAT

High Definition 24 Frame Progressive Post Production FORMAT CONVERSION

Performance, Alignment and Viewing of Reference Display Devices

This concerns all manufactures and end users.  It is important to get
feedback from the post production community so come to this very
important meeting.  These Proposed SMPTE documents were finished in the
shortest time ever for a SMPTE project.  Manufacturers have promised
equipment for next years TV season.

The meeting is at Sony Pictures Studio (The old MGM Studios in Culver
Time is 9 AM-Meeting is Expected to last all day.
Enter and Park at the Overland Entrance.  This is between Washington
Blvd. and             Culver  Blvd on Overland.
The Meeting is in the Tri-Star Building. Screening Room #23

Tell the Guard Gate that you are attending the SMPTE meeting.  They will
direct you to parking and the Tri-Star Building.  Come early and meet
your friends.


Please email me directly so that we may know how many to expect to

Directly at:      bhogan at sprocketdigital.com  (see address also at top
of this email)

Thanks        Bill Hogan - Secretary - SMPTE Committee M21.04

Thanks to Kevin Ayres, Tom Montgomery for support in 1998.
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