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24/29.97/30 frame rate conversions

>Could someone please point me to descriptions of frame rate conversion
>for moving from video to film and vice versa.

I have written an ARRI Technical Note on the 3/2 Pulldown process that can
be downloaded from the ARRI website at


Choose ARRI Technical Note P-1008 What is 3/2 Pulldown. It is in PDF format.

It is not as in-depth as you might want, but gives a good overview of the
3/2 Pulldown process. Since I view these Technical Notes as an on-going
process, I would be interested if the memebers on this list have any
suggestions for improvements for this particular Technote. Coming from a
production background myself, I humbly ask for forgiveness if there are in
mistakes in there. :-)


Marc Shipman-Mueller, Technical Representative
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