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Re: Spirit base memory

> I'm sorry to say that this information is a telecine trade secret. It
> protected by U.S. import restrictions, and not for export under
> U.S. policy.

So is the "french look". Provided to stinky cheeses eaters only.
It would make sense to use neg matching only. I am a bit puzzled with
gamma control, why did Philips decide to implement gamma control in the
neg matching area and not in the primaries ? You use gamma for
colorgrading but then you "mess up" the scanning side (neg match),
would it make more sense to have a neutral scanner and tweak gamma only
on the grading side? Why is it recommended to set neg matching to fill
the 700mv before going into primaries, is it not recommended to set to
minimum contrast and do everything downstream ? Any comments from
Philips ?


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