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jargon, slang, etc.

Dear TIG Members,

I am compiling a glossary of terms and concepts focusing on
telecine/post production jargon, slang and informal communications.

I am a cameraman, and having worked as a camera assistant for alot of
different d.p.'s from around the U.S., I know that you colorists recieve
alot of vauge if not incomprehensible instructions.  I also realise that
alot of clients probably nod their heads in agreement when they have
absolutely no idea what your talking about. 

So, I'm asking for anyones submissions of terms that they use, terms
that they see improperly used, terms that they wish people wouldn't use
or would use, etc.

Any submissions will be greatly appreciated and can be sent to me at: 
uhlwick at mcs.net.  I hope to host a webpage with this glossary and will
let you know when it's complete.

Thanks in advance,
-Anders Uhl
uhlwick at mcs.net

Thanks to Kevin Ayres, Tom Montgomery for support in 1998.
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