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Re: jargon, slang, etc.

On Dec 3,  9:39, Anders and PJ wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] jargon, slang, etc.

> alot of vauge if not incomprehensible instructions.  I also realise
> that a lot of clients probably nod their heads in agreement when they
> have absolutely no idea what your talking about.

as we also nod our heads in agreement when we realize they have no
idea what they're talking about.

> So, I'm asking for anyones submissions of terms that they use, terms
> that they see improperly used, terms that they wish people wouldn't use

this will be a lot of fun, Anders- I suggest you credit the submitters
with a bibliography of sorts.

In the world of color correction for commercials (that with which I am
familiar anyway), it can be important to be facile with adjectives.

--Rob Lingelbach
FWC Dallas

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