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Re: jargon, slang, etc.

>"burn the whites!"

"Burning" and "Dodging" are every-day terms in the world of photographic
printing.  "Burning" is used to darken a portion of the image.  You usually
use small cardboard cutouts to shield the part of the image that shouldn't
be "burnt".  You can also use your hands (that's how I learned it. It is a
lot of fun).  "Dodging" is the opposite:  You shield an area of the picture
while exposing the rest of the frame normally.  The shielded portion gets
less exposure and prints brighter.

In the Telecine world we seem to use the "burn" in the opposite sense.
Still, I wonder if that's where the phrase came from originally and it just
got convoluted into what we all understand it for now.

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