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In a message dated 98-12-10 15:11:51 EST, you write:

<< Hi everybody,
 Could not record on a particular D1 cassette yesterday. Opened the lid
 and discovered the oxyde side to be a nice chocolate brown color instead of 
 the usual dark black I have on all my other tapes.
 Also we diagnosed tension problem while attempting a D1 dub of a feature film
 we had transfered succesfully.
 We send the material to our competitor and the same problem appeared at
 his place. 
 Of course I won't tell the manufacturer, but this is the first time we have
this sort 
 of stock problem on D1. How about the world at large ?
 Astraltech >>

My first reaction to your message is that the tape has folded over in the
cassette. You mentioned a previous tension problem (this may have led to tape
slack/slop that folded over on the previous pass). So as to not risk damage to
the video head, I would suggest not using that tape again, and immediatelly
check out the transport for correct tape tension and handling characteristics
in all modes. A new piece of stock is much cheaper than a damaged D-1 video
head !

Good luck !

David Crosthwait

Thanks to Dave Corbitt for support in 1998.
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