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Re: diffusion

At 23:36 15/12/98 , JDBJA at aol.com wrote:
>Here'smy question...black\white super 16 was shot with no diffusion. D.O.P.
>now feels that the lead actress looks harsh.  Anyway to recreate diffusion
>from my URSA (which doesn't hold filters) or with the CLASSIC DAVINCI or the
>ACCOM noise reduser?  

Do bear in mind that filters used in TK effect the shadows whereas filters
used  on camera effect the highlights so diffs used in TK look totally
different to their use in camera.

You may be better off using something to spread the highlights in post, an
alpha glow effect.

Kaleidoscope has always been popular for this at the TK stage.


Geoff Boyle

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