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Getting Started


I stumbled across the list late last night and subscribed this morning; I
can't believe that there is an actual mailing list for telecine.  In any
event, I'm currently a film student at LA City College and just completed my
first semester.  One thing that because really obvious during my first
semester is that I'm really concerned with "the image" and through some
prodding and poking, led me to stumble on to what a colorist does.  To make a
long story short, LACC only has about a dozen classes or so, and none that
deal with what a potential colorist might be interested in.  For example, they
only have a single non-linear editing class with an old AVID and I believe
there's a waiting list.  Can the members provide me with some suggestions on
what I might be able to do to begin a career in post production?  I appreciate
any and all answers.


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