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Re: diffusion

JDBJA at aol.com wrote:

> Here'smy question...black\white super 16 was shot with no diffusion. D.O.P.
> now feels that the lead actress looks harsh.  Anyway to recreate diffusion
> from my URSA (which doesn't hold filters) or with the CLASSIC DAVINCI or the
> ACCOM noise reduser?


A stocking (experiment with a few, as minor density differences each produce a
unique effect) placed (stretched and secured to the cell box cover - with some
inventive taping) above the lens at the top of the gate (between the film &
pickup's) works quite well.  The effect is usually quite apparent,
so you should anticipate experimenting with different degrees of stretch of the
stocking as well.

Using a black stocking aids in producing a luminescent effect; 'not sure what
you'd get with a white stocking, or other colors for that matter.

Tim Bond
DuArt Film & Video

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