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Re: Animation Transfers

On Dec 17, 11:23, "Dennis Keeling " wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] Animation Transfers

> http://www.spumco.com/magazine/aa/aade01.html
> Is the problem he describes specific to systems with the DVNR?

I don't think so Dennis, and I wish the author were a little more
educated about the process of transfer, though as well we can wish
that the author's "engineer" (his term) or his transfer "technician"
(his term again) were also more aware, in this case of the author's
wishes in transfer.

Motion artifacts are a result of most noise reduction processes; some
boxes are worse than others.  I think a lot of people are very happy
with the DVNR (myself included), yet as with any such device it can be
used to excess.

The cartoon in the article appears possibly to be vintage animation
and we don't know if the dialog between the client and the
"technician" included exhortations to do whatever possible to minimize
the dirt and scratches.. perhaps though the side effects of
dirt/scratch concealment were not considered as they should have been.

We had a dialog about this on the TIG here not that long ago, was it
in reference to the same article you cite?

-Rob Lingelbach
FWC Dallas

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