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Re: Getting Started

At 03:52 PM 12/16/98 -0500, Christopher Bacon wrote:
>>[...] Can the members provide me with some suggestions on
>>what I might be able to do to begin a career in post production?  I
>>any and all answers.
>Hi Derrick,
>You may be interested to know that while most people holding responsible
>positions in post production are college educated, it's frequently the case
>that their degrees have little to do with what they are doing now.  
>Best regards,
>Christopher Bacon

This is one of the best answers to this question I have seen. I nominate
the question and response for the TIG references section.

I particuarly encourage the study of film as a compliment to the colorist
and telecine engineer. This is the area I feel I still lack after 15 years
working in postproduction. It will be time well spent. Any study of
specific technology will be obsolete before you use it but the ability to
learn and the ease that you adapt to new equipment will be vital to a
career in postproduction.

David Tosh <dlt at earthlink.net>
Engineer, Complete Post Hollywood, CA USA

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