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Re: Getting Started

Derriik at aol.com wrote:

> Can the members provide me with some suggestions on
> what I might be able to do to begin a career in post production?

Your education may postpone the start of your career but it will always be a fine
asset so stick with it - education isn't just about career preparation.

In post production despite a broad range of experiences and education nearly all
of us began our careers as a "gofer" in one form or another - some as shippers,
office help, etc.  Then through perseverance (and an obsession, we share, with
how things work) you usually gain an opportunity to work in a technical area; in
a large facility typically as a video dubber - in smaller facilities you may have
greater initial opportunities.  In either case, after gaining a few years of
perspective under your belt you should anticipate a move to another facility and
other opportunities.

Moving ahead is mostly about a willingness to devote heaps of time fine-tuning
your skills to the point that you can perform in high pressure situations (a room
full of clients, deadlines, experimenting on artistic frontiers - trying to find
the direction that your session is going) with competency and skill.  I recommend
lots of observation, lots of reading and ask questions to the point of irritation
- then back off, give it a lot of thought and try to apply it.  Repeat this a
thousand times and circumstances may just work out in your favor.

Good luck!

Tim Bond
DuArt Film & Video

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