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Film Lab Rolls

Season's Greetings All,

I was wondering what colourists prefer in the size of a film lab roll (both
16 and 35mm) for telecine?  Is there a difference for commercials of

Do the labs generally punch circled take on the rolls or just the first
circled takes of a camera roll?  

We get a number of 16mm 1200" jobs that come in that have to go to 60 minute
tapes to keep the rolls together and the clients question the waste.  

Do you think tape manufacturers will ever make a tape the same length as a
camera roll?     

One last question.  When you are logging an episodic is it a big problem to
split a camera roll on 2 tapes if you don't have room on the first or make
sure it will al fit on one tape?

Have a Nice Holiday

Lorne Miess
Studio Post & Transfer 

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