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Cross-Processing - transfer techniques?

Hi Folks,
     Cross-processed film came to me for the first time today, and
fortunately the DP wanted a very edgy look.  He loved what I managed to get
from the film, but what a struggle!  I'd greatly appreciate any tips anyone
has for transferring this stuff!
     It seems none of the Spirit's presets do it justice.  I thought the
print negative setting would be logical but in all cases I seemed to run
very close to or slightly out-of-range.  I played with the lamp output as
well, which allowed me to balance slightly crushed blacks to slightly
clipped whites.  I tried with many other film types, including setting the
film type for color positive and using YSFX RGB & Luminance inversion to
return to positive.  It seemed I could not quite get a handle on the film,
which was fortunately just what the DP wanted!  (He was ecstatic, in fact!)
As it was my first experience with this type of film, I was grateful to have
given him a look he loved, but I was also concerned about not being able to
"read" all the peaks and valleys.
     I checked the TIG archives before writing this, and found a great
cross-processing thread from around the time I first joined this list (even
saw my first post as one of the "next"s!).  I now understand the hows and
whys of cross-processing, but no one at the time had any tips for
transferring the stuff.  Most of the focus was on duplicating the look for
non cross-processed film.
     So, as I'll be getting more film from this DP ere long, I'm hoping some
of you with more experience on this might be willing to share some tips!  Or
is that simply the way of it, a wild ride down the rapids by the seat of
your pants?
     Thanks as ever for any advice, and Holiday Greetings to you all,

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer

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