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Evertz 4025TR

Well, there it is - a new version of the 4025 with a new interface.

After working with it for a couple of weeks now, I must say that I'm
impressed with the improvements that Evertz made to this product.
The new windows interface is working quiet well and the handling of
the 4025tr seems flawless so far.

The only thing that I'd like to see would be a button to quickly toggle
between the reader modes "Update manually" and "Update in play & shuttle"
for those cases when tail & head punch are too close together. I guess that
would be like "Jam never" and "Jam always" on the old 4025.
With the current version of the tracker that I'm running, it requires to go into
the config menu and to change it there - not very convenient.

The tracker also seems to put a strain on the cpu of my workstation - under NT4,
the task monitor registerred about 40% cpu usage for the Tracker - that seems allot
to me and does tie up the workstation..

But overall, a big step in the right direction for Evertz and a vast improvement over
the old 4025 with Keylog.

(Disclaimer: I'm not working for Evertz and I have NO intentions to move
up to Canada either.)    ;^)

Kay Sievert
Colorist at a post house in Burbank..

Thanks to Dave Reinowski and GTN for support in 1998.
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