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Re: Cineon question

the following is from Paul Grace of Firstart, in response to my own
question about flicker, and posted here for informative purposes (it
directly answers my question):

>My approach in minimizing the flicker has generally been to use
>judicious amounts of extra noise reduction; in severe cases I've done
>frame-by-frame density work with the color correction, which can be
>very effective but time consuming.

"Our "Colourist" spark for Flame/Inferno available for download at
http://www.firstart.co.uk/DATA/ANVIL.HTM can fix this.
Also "Toast" the codename for our new visual FX in a box product (real name
to be anounced just before NAB) for telecine colourists will be shipping at
NAB and have this feature built in also."

If you think this info is ok to be on the tig and not a violation of any
advertising rules, please could you post it.

Kind wishes
Paul (working like crazy through Xmas) Grace.

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