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Re: Getting Started

On Dec 19, 18:18, Craig Leffel wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] Getting Started

> others -- or don't bother. We all don't get the same clients, or the same
> film, but having a genuine passion for what you do is absolutley mandatory
> in film making - - even if you're working on diapers or burgers ( Like we

Sure, but there are extroverted, and introverted passion I suppose.
The most important passion, for me, is very personal, and brought to
the session and client in a resonant connection felt long after the
job is finished.  It need not be weighted with egoism, selfishness, or
fakery, and many clients are more impressed with such honesty than
with the other affectations.  Some clients do want the puffery, or are
blinded by it, or pretend to the same level themselves.

Rob Lingelbach
Senior Colorist, FWC Dallas

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