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Re: Getting Started

I am with you Craig.  Down in Dallas we work on many different types of 
challenges. Ranging from run in gun gorilla 16mm mix and match stock and
f-stop of the moment setting to beautiful 35mm table top shot by the best 
DP in the area.  I am proud to work on each and every one of these projects.
I only wish money and time did not get in the way of the artistry of that
I have seen my share of mistakes and film abuse and I try in the limited time
and equipment to make the majority of my clients happy even when they have
made the mistakes.  It is still a rewarding career and I still enjoy it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all on the TIG

Steve Franko
Video Post and Transfer

Thanks to Dave Reinowski and GTN for support in 1998.
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